2018 Year of Wildlife Wonder

2018 Year of Wildlife Wonder  –  Enjoy my daily photo diary of Wildlife Wonder activities through the year. Photos taken on SLR, compact cameras or  phone.

23 March Female blackcap23rd March – Female Blackcap

Wall colour 22nd March22nd March – Wall colour

100 FRogs21st March – One school pond, 120 children and more frogs than we could count.  A fantastic wildlife wonder day with Oxfordshire school. Photo by Yr4 children

Vole City20th March – Waiting for the water voles

19th March - Roadside Scupltures19th March – Roadside sculpture

18th march robin18th March – Return to winter robin

WP_20180317_09_32_15_Pro17th March – Winter Strikes Back

Egret fight16th March – Fighting egrets at WWT London

Roe Deer Buck 15th March15th March – Roe deer buck growing antlers

Frogspawn tree14th March – Frogspawn tree

Little Owl Sunshine13th March – Little Owl Sunshine

12th March Tree12th March – Season of the Tree – Part 1

11th March - Hedgerow specatcle11th March – Hedgerow Spectacle

10th March 1st Bee10th March – First bumblebee at Walthamstow Wetlands

9th March Hawthorn Time9th March – Its Hawthorn time. First leaves appearing

Nind poo8th March – A morning encountering exciting recent arrivals on my local patch; otter spraint and little egret

7th march grey wag7th March – A golden spring morning, grey wagtails pairing, bees on churchyard celandine and my first butterfly of the year

6th March Frog 9web)6th March – Snow not fully melted, yet frogs already spawning in school pond.

5th March Spring5th March – Announcing the arrival spring?

Marcel4th March – After the snow an ice bath!

WP_20180303_17_28_09_Pro3rd March – Iced Teasel

Snowdrift2nd March – Drifting snow

1st March fieldfare1st March – First fieldfare in the garden – feeding on winter stored apples

Redpoll 28Feb28th February – Redpoll along the river roots

27Feb City Gull27th February –  City Gull

WP_20180226_15_21_26_Pro26th February – Waiting for owls

25Feb Calm25th February – Calm before the storm

24Feb Frog Face24th February – Frog Face

23Feb Weed-Dance23rd February- Weed Dance

Goldcrest 22Feb22nd February – Glorious goldcest at Walthamstow Wetlands

21stFeb Dipper Log21st February – Dipper perching on river flotsam

20Feb Spawn20th February – Frog time (first frogspawn in local ponds)

19Feb starlings19th February – Absent all day, the sun and starlings made a dramatic evening appearance

18Feb Bee18th February – First bee

17 Feb Lichen17th February – Laden with lichen

16Feb RoostBlur16th February – Roost in motion (starlings)

Little Owl 15Feb15th February – Little Owl Wonder

WP_20180214_12_15_39_Pro14th February – Wild inspired young photographers photographing water rail at WWT Slimbridge

Blackbird wide13th February – Close encounters of the blackbird kind

WP_20180212_08_13_00_Pro12th February – Cool Rising!

WP_20180211_15_42_04_Pro11th February – Swathes of celandines

WP_20180210_14_50_08_Pro10th February – Rain and water everywhere!  BBOWT Nature Discovery Centre

WP_20180209_14_49_34_Pro9th February – First blackthorn blossom at WWT London

WAter Rail 8th Feb8th February – Water Rail at Slimbridge

Dipper 7thFEb A7th February  – Dipper feeding in mill stream

6FEb Winter Owl6th February – Winter owl, just a dusting of snow.

Feb5 Little Owl5th February – Just one little owl today

4 Fen Little Owl4th February – Excited to see my local little owl pair have returned from their Christmas break

WP_20180203_12_49_23_Pro3rd February – Hellebore Hues at Slimbridge

2Feb Epic2nd February – An epic murmuration.

Chocolate Dipper1st February – Dipper pair are active at their traditional nest site.

31 Jan Dipper31st January  – Delightful dipper

Dipper Yoga30th January – Preening Dipper

29Jan Dipper29th January – Dipper Debris

28Jan Birdwatch28th January – Big Garden Birdwatch

27Jan Wonderland27th January – Winter Wonderland

26Jan Dipper26th January – Dipper delight on my local patch

WallscourtC25th January – Creating two wildflower meadows with Bristol school children

24th January crocus24th January – Crocus emerging from its autumnal cloak

23Jan Snowdrop23rd January – Drops of snow in Bristol

WP_20180122_16_23_40_Pro22nd January – Winter gold

WP_20180121_15_22_58_Pro21st January  – Winter colours

WP_20180120_15_30_23_Pro20th January – A rain inspired day with photography group

Straling Watchers19th January – Starling watchers

18Jan Starling18th January – Single starling

Day 17 Aconite17th January – Fly enjoying today’s winter sunshine and aconites

Day16 Snowdrops16th January – First Snowdrops (Bristol)

15th Jan Goldfinch15th January – Goldfinch on feeder

CRocud 14th Jan14th January – First crocus

Egret13th January – Local patch little egret

Murm Day1212th January – A million strong – just a small part of tonight’s starling murmuration

HEron11b11th January – Nightlife in Central London

10th January – Wonder below, winter underwater

Day9 Foldfinch9th January – Garden goldfinch – feeding on dead heads of verbena

Celandine8th January – First celandine flowers open on the riverbank

Bird Ice7th January – Cat-Ice or Bird-Ice

Day6 Blackcap6th January – Female blackcap (she has a brown cap)

Juggling fisher5th January – Juggling King (Fishing at Walthamstow Wetlands)

Day4 Starlings4th January – Starling Wonder (Half a million birds)

Day3 Raven3rd January – Raven school  (on the tower of Bristol Grammar School)

Day2 Fungus2nd January –  Candlesnuff fungus

Day1 oonlit Murmuration1st January – Moonlit Murmuration


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