2018 Year of Wildlife Wonder

2018 Year of Wildlife Wonder  –  Enjoy my daily photo diary of Wildlife Wonder activities through the year. Photos taken on SLR, compact cameras or  phone.

IMG_20181029_152313828_HDR31st October – Happy Hallowleaf

IMG_20181028_125107096_BURST000_COVER30th October – Litter

DqsYZM8W4AA8ngL29th October – Leaf art with my daughter – just part of the final image!

IMG_902728th October – Dipper delights

DqiDycVX0AIKLuP27th October – Kiss from an Old Man’s Beard

Dqc6mRPWwAEAOjF26th October – Seasons of the Tree Part 8

25th Oct25th October – Red, green & amber

DqR_4Q0XgAAUDpz24th October – With families at Slimbridge, probably my last dragon of the year

DqNibZZWsAEVfl423rd October – Sunset

22 Oct22nd October – In the woods with young photographers

Hip Vortex21st October – Hip Vortex

Dp9VUTXWkAAeReX20th October – Culmination of the two-year Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust wildlife film & photography academy I’ve been working on with the local community & schools

19 Oct19th October – Colour or monochrome? Tufted ducks at Walthamstow Wetlands

19 Oct b18th October  Seasonal decorations or the deer rut

Hornet17th October – Discovered hornets on school wildlife wonder nature walk.

16Oct16th October  – Exploring city wildlife with students – exhibition by Arkive, Peregrine photo by Luke Massey

16 Oct Frog15th October – Camo Frog

Oct1414th October – More than a splash of colour

Lizard13th October  – Maybe the last lizard I’ll see this year at WWT London

12 Oct12th October – Dogwood

11 Oct11th October  Walthamstow Wetlands

10Oct10th October  Stunning coral fungi discovered by children in their school grounds

9 Oct9th October – Exploring contrast with students

8 Oct8th October  – Wasp nest discovery

7Oct7th October – Happy to discover the hedgehog in my garden.

6 Oct6th October – Outrageous spindle

5 Oct5th October  – Exploring with the wonderful children at Alexandra School in London

4Oct4th October – At the gorgeous Walthamstow Wetlands with Nikon Owners group

2nd Oct3rd October – Wildlife photography with students in Bristol

Leaf2nd October Fab youth club photography session with teenagers from Youth Moves

1 Oct1st October – Preview of the World Biggest Tiger Exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall – Ballerina Maria Sascha Khan enjoying my photography

30 Sept30th September – Reflections of Cheltenham

29 Septe29th September – Bed-Room With A View

28 SEpt28th September – Sunset from the hides at The London Wetland Centre

27 Sept27th September – With Yr9 Art students at Slimbridge

26Sept26th September – In school today a girl asked me ‘What’s an acorn’

25Sept25th September – Wild margins of Bristol. Photo by Yr12 students

Septe24th September – Dew touched webs

Sept23rd September – Haw berries

22 Sept22nd September – An incredible day on the Peoples Walk For Wildlife

Lizard121st September – Young lizard dropping in to the WWT London

DnjfTZRWsAIlf9A20th September – Sea of beech, the strand line

Climbing colour19th September – Climbing colour

Look closely18th September – Wonderful observation by Home-Ed families at WWT Slimbridge

DnT-3EGX4AEhLIa17th September – Toad Monday

Hedgehog Sept16th September – Surprise discovery, maybe one of the hedgehog we rescued from the snow

Fallen colour15th September – Leaf literature

DnERQsgW0AAcfa814th September – Off to give a talk about doorstep nature

Trea Seasons Part 813th September – Seasons of the tree Part 7

12th September12th September – The Fall has begun

6th11th September – With 6th form students

10thSepte10th September – Preparing for a year of WildlifeWonder with this school

9thSept9th September Dock Hopper!

6th SEpt8th September  – Blackberry bounty

7thSept7th September – Butterflygate at Slimbridge

6th SEptember6th September – Red Admiral

SEpt 35th September – September surprise!

Sept4th September – Sad to discover this river litter

september3rd September – Dipper domain

2nd Sept2nd September – Support act at music festival

DmCPhILWwAYPsZl1st September – September sunshine

31Aug31st August – Small copper on verbena

2nd Marsh Marigold30th August – Second flush of marsh marigold flowers now the pond levels have risen

Berries29th August – August or autumn?

VoleRoot 28 Aug28th August – Fresh signs of water vole activity

NighFlora 27Aug27th August- Night Flora

Herbs & Flowers 26Aug26th August – Herbs & flowers of Basingstoke

RedAd 25Aug25th August – Red Admiral on garden ivy

24th August24th August – Planing exciting & unique schools project with Bristol Museum

23 Frog23rd August – Under stone discovery

22Aug22nd August – Wonderful observation by girl on todays Young Person’s photography course at BBOWT Nature Discovery Centre

21Aug21st August – enjoying my birthday blues!

IMG_20180821_121850878_HDR20th August – Severn view!

WaspApple19th August – Wasps enjoying the last of our apples

18Aug18th August – a big snail and the largest slug I’ve ever seen!

17aug17th August So much creativity and diversity on todays family nature photography session at Slimbridge.

Red Eye16th August – Discovering red-eyed damselflies with families  at Greenwich Ecology Park

15Aug15th August – Dragonfly photography course at Fern Animal Sanctuary, Somerset

LW114th August – Summer school with young entomologists at Oxford University Natural History Museum

13 Aug13th August – Evening tree textures

12 Aug12th August – Autumn col0urs!!

11Aug11th August – Urban nature photography safaris at Chingfest in London

10 Aug10th August – Inspiring afternoon judging Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Competition

9 Aug9th August – Pastel skies

8th August8th August – Parent & child nature photography at Slimbridge

7Aug7th August – Early elderberries

6th August Comma6th August- Comma of the bird feeder

5th August Spider5th August – Rescued spider!!

IMG_20180805_095708056_HDR~24th August – Seasons of the tree Part 6

3Aug3rd August – Misty St Davids

2Aug2nd August – Magpie moth

1Aug1st August – Limpet Smile

31 Aug31st July – Beach lines

30th JUly30th July – From St Nons

29JUly29th July St Nons Chapel

28July28th July – Daily plastic & litter collection on the beach!

27July27th July – St David’s Head

Butterfly Meeting26th July – Butterflies puddling at Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Greystones Reserve

IMG_20180725_130121706~225th July  Wild funwith families at the Greenwich Ecology Park in London – A wasp spider!

Beetle24th July Found this dead beetle – then almost ate it! (confused it for a dropped raisin)

Diz_YrhW0AA58yq23rd July – Train journey home after long hot day in London

Starling Party22nd July – Starling party

BBOWT WEtlands21st July – With photography group at BBOWT Nature Discovery Centre

Peregrine20th July – Two juvenile peregrines at Walthamstow Wetlands

DifvhRvX0AE6tc919th July Outside my Edge WI talk

Comma 18th July18th July

Marbled 16th July17th July – Marbled White butterfly – photo by pupil at St Whites Primary School

16 July Rowan16th July – Rowan berries – early?

thumbnail_IMG_20180714_151445408~215th July – Burnet moths on scabious

Reed bunting 14th JUly14th July – Reed bunting (female)

13th July - Snail13th July – After the rains come snails

Moth on Ragwort12th July – Micro moth on ragwort

Tiger MOth211th July Tiger Moth discovered by school children

Butterfly210th July – Wildlife wonder with London school children Day1

RedEye Damsefly9th July At Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Lower Moor Farm

Skimmer 9th July8th July Skimmer

7th JUly7th July – Nibley Sunset

6th July6th July – Photography training with teachers at the Cabot Learning Federation Summer Conference

5th July5th July – Celebrating the opening of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Greystones Reserve with Ellie Harrison and local school children

4th JUly TEasel4th July – Teasel flower

3rd July Moth3rd July Moth in the kitchen

2nd July2nd July – School grounds wildlife wonder with pupils Sandford Primary

1st July1st July – Wildlife window

June 30th30th June – Garden Tortoiseshell

29th June29th June – Broad-Bodied Chaser

28th June Skipper28th June – Scorching skipper

27th JUne27th June – Talking Wildlife Wonder with teachers at Primary Science Conference

Newt26th June – Garden newt

Immersed25th June – Immersed in photography with animal care students at Filton College

24 Jue Smal Tort24th June – Small Tortoiseshell

23 JUne Sunset23rd June – Mid-summer sunset

22 June22nd June – Pineapple Weed

21 June Swift Solstice21st June – Swift Solstice

LesserStag20th June – Lesser Stag Beetle on my doorstep

Poppy19th June – Evening up poppies

18th JUne lady18th June – Little known lifecycle of a ladybird (pupae & larva)

Pondlife 17th JUne17th June – Pond life

Lizard316th June – London lizard at the Wetland Centre

15th Jue Goldcrests15th June – Wonderful moment watching family of newly fledged gold crests – but probably the worst photo!

Swift copy14th June – A poignant end to my photography session with Bristol Nature Network #Swift

LTT13th June – A family of newly fledged long tailed tits.

Talk12th June – About to talk “wild About Us to Eastwood Gardeners Club.

11 June11th June – How nature makes us feel – words by children at Wansdyke Primary School

10th June10th June – All smiles in the woods

9th June9th June – Masses of moths attracted to this valerian

8th June Wild Colour8th June – Wild colour

Vole 7th June7th June – On safari with the local Historical Society, a water vole appears !

Blue 6th June6th June – Wildlife Wonder with Thrupp school – much patience needed by children to capture a photo of this common blue butterfly

SW105th June – Wildlife Wonder with school children in thew Forest of Dean, they discovered these Burnet moth cocoons

4th June Ladybird4th June – Plenty of ladybird action today!

3rd June – A trout’s view of a mayfly

@nd June2nd June – Among the flowers

Canada201st June – At BBOWT Nature Discovery Centre with young photographers (age 9 – 14). Cuckoos calling, cardinals climbing and a Canada creche!

exuviae31st May – So many dragonfly exuviae spotted at BBOWT Sutton Courtenay by families on todays nature photography session

Leech30th May – Exploring with the Get Grubby Gang in Gloucestershire, the children discovered the biggest leech (15 cm long!!)

DeWxKiEWAAAm6wg29th May – Seasons of the tree – Part 5

DeTnkpaXcAAgqRu28th May – Garden bee haven

DeOreZ7WAAYZind27th May – London Park-life

BBOWT Moth26th May – Burnished Brass moth at BBOWT Nature Discovery Centre

25th May25th May – After the rain

24th May24th May – Feeding mayflies

STEM CPD Day23rd May – Working scientifically with teachers – we discovered dragonfly exuviae (skin shed by larvae after they emerge from the pond)

Marsh Marigold22nd May – Discovered Marsh Marigold in school pond during Wildlife Wonder day

Ddvfkl0VMAArYbi21st May – Swathes of yellow

DdqnaU7VQAAW7tP2oth May – Yellow flags at dusk

DdkehbbXkAANy5w.jpg-large19th May – Wildflower meadows the London Wetland Centre

Pond living18th May – Pond living

17 May Gosling17th May – Gosling among the daisies at Walthamstow Wetlands

16 May16th May – School Pond

WS15th May – Working Scientifically

Love Hawthorn Light14th May – Love Hawthorn Light

12 May Pond Skater13th May – Pond skaters

12 May Buttercup12th May – Buttercups

May11 Blue tit11th May – Safest of nesting places !

May 10 Terns10th May – Return of the terns. At Walthamstow Wetlands

9th May Tree9th May – Seasons of the tree. Part 4

HertCowp408th May – Slowworm creates great excitement on todays school Wildlife Wonder day

7th May Frogs7th May – Love frogs

Swift Damsel6th May – Wow what a day – first damselfly of the year in garden pond (photo by my daughter) and FIRST SWIFTS!

Crane5th May – Nesting cranes at Slimbridge

4th May4th May – School ground architecture

3rd May3rd May  – In the heart of the city, a beautiful wild school oasis

2nd May Blues2nd May – Spring blues

Dandy21st May – Dizzy with dandelions

MetArt430th April – Nature’s playground. Fantastic day with students The Met Academy in Bristol

Vole329th April – Another (and different) water vole

Vole228th April – Happy moments watching this water vole

Red Campion 26th April27th April – Rain dampened red campion

Buzzards26th April – Distant views of mating buzzards

25th April - Vole Hole25th April – Seconds after a water vole poked its head out!

Forget Me Smile24th April – Never forget to smile, beautiful observation by children at the Wrexham School

23 April Wildflower Wonder23rd April – Wildflower Wonder with pupils at Howe Dell Primary School.

22 April Hedgehog22nd April – Return of the hedgehogs!

21 April Tree321st April – Seasons of the tree Part 3

WP_20180420_09_23_06_Pro20th April – Photography course at the London Wetland Centre

WP_20180419_14_25_21_Pro19th April – Mating Bee Flys

Wallscourt Farm18th April – Creating a school playground wildflower meadow with pupils

Beech Leaves17th April – Earliest beech leaves in Bath school grounds

16th April Orange Tip16th April – The first orange-tip butterfly of the year.

Moth15th April – Moth

14th April Droppings14th April – Even more fresh water vole droppings!

13th April Dog Violet13th April – Dog violets

12th April Fritilaries12th April – Snakeshead fritillaries at the wonderful Greenwich Peninsular Ecology Park in London

11th April Spirals of wonder11th April – Spirals of Wonder

Family Course10th April – Wonderful moments on today’s inspiring family photography course at WWT Slimbridge

9th April Goat Willow9th April – Goat Willow

8th April Hyacinth8th April – Grape Hyacinth

7th April Water Vole Poo7th April – Relief. Can’t express how excited I was to discover the fresh water vole latrine on my local patch.

6th April Dead crayfish6th April – No luck looking for water voles, but found two crayfish – an alive one in the water and this tiny dead one

5th April Tort sq5th April Comma sq5th April – Butterfly Time  (left – small tortoiseshell, right – comma)

Water Vole Hole4th April – Exciting new signs of water vole activity

3rd April Stars of wonder3rd April – Stars of wonder. First house martin and chiffchaff in song at Nind

WP_20180402_13_31_14_Pro2nd April – Easter sunshine

WP_20180401_19_30_25_Pro-11st April – Easter Drops

WP_20180331_16_28_04_Pro31st March – Alder catkins (male) and last years seeds. Female catkins behind

WP_20180330_10_18_16_Pro-130th March – Seasons of the Tree – Part 2

29th March – Underwater wonder

ToadBall 28th March28th March – Its toad spawning time! You can see the string of spawn in the bottom left.

Marsh Marigold27th March – Marsh marigold in flower along the river

Robin26th March -A fabulous afternoon with teachers on my Wildlife Wonder photography training session at Green Light.

25th March Brimstone25th March – First Brimstone butterfly

WP_20180324_13_00_44_Pro24th March – Hellebores !

23 March Female blackcap23rd March – Female Blackcap

Wall colour 22nd March22nd March – Wall colour

100 FRogs21st March – One school pond, 120 children and more frogs than we could count.  A fantastic wildlife wonder day with Oxfordshire school. Photo by Yr4 children

Vole City20th March – Waiting for the water voles

19th March - Roadside Scupltures19th March – Roadside sculpture

18th march robin18th March – Return to winter robin

WP_20180317_09_32_15_Pro17th March – Winter Strikes Back

Egret fight16th March – Fighting egrets at WWT London

Roe Deer Buck 15th March15th March – Roe deer buck growing antlers

Frogspawn tree14th March – Frogspawn tree

Little Owl Sunshine13th March – Little Owl Sunshine

12th March Tree12th March – Season of the Tree – Part 1

11th March - Hedgerow specatcle11th March – Hedgerow Spectacle

10th March 1st Bee10th March – First bumblebee at Walthamstow Wetlands

9th March Hawthorn Time9th March – Its Hawthorn time. First leaves appearing

Nind poo8th March – A morning encountering exciting recent arrivals on my local patch; otter spraint and little egret

7th march grey wag7th March – A golden spring morning, grey wagtails pairing, bees on churchyard celandine and my first butterfly of the year

6th March Frog 9web)6th March – Snow not fully melted, yet frogs already spawning in school pond.

5th March Spring5th March – Announcing the arrival spring?

Marcel4th March – After the snow an ice bath!

WP_20180303_17_28_09_Pro3rd March – Iced Teasel

Snowdrift2nd March – Drifting snow

1st March fieldfare1st March – First fieldfare in the garden – feeding on winter stored apples

Redpoll 28Feb28th February – Redpoll along the river roots

27Feb City Gull27th February –  City Gull

WP_20180226_15_21_26_Pro26th February – Waiting for owls

25Feb Calm25th February – Calm before the storm

24Feb Frog Face24th February – Frog Face

23Feb Weed-Dance23rd February- Weed Dance

Goldcrest 22Feb22nd February – Glorious goldcest at Walthamstow Wetlands

21stFeb Dipper Log21st February – Dipper perching on river flotsam

20Feb Spawn20th February – Frog time (first frogspawn in local ponds)

19Feb starlings19th February – Absent all day, the sun and starlings made a dramatic evening appearance

18Feb Bee18th February – First bee

17 Feb Lichen17th February – Laden with lichen

16Feb RoostBlur16th February – Roost in motion (starlings)

Little Owl 15Feb15th February – Little Owl Wonder

WP_20180214_12_15_39_Pro14th February – Wild inspired young photographers photographing water rail at WWT Slimbridge

Blackbird wide13th February – Close encounters of the blackbird kind

WP_20180212_08_13_00_Pro12th February – Cool Rising!

WP_20180211_15_42_04_Pro11th February – Swathes of celandines

WP_20180210_14_50_08_Pro10th February – Rain and water everywhere!  BBOWT Nature Discovery Centre

WP_20180209_14_49_34_Pro9th February – First blackthorn blossom at WWT London

WAter Rail 8th Feb8th February – Water Rail at Slimbridge

Dipper 7thFEb A7th February  – Dipper feeding in mill stream

6FEb Winter Owl6th February – Winter owl, just a dusting of snow.

Feb5 Little Owl5th February – Just one little owl today

4 Fen Little Owl4th February – Excited to see my local little owl pair have returned from their Christmas break

WP_20180203_12_49_23_Pro3rd February – Hellebore Hues at Slimbridge

2Feb Epic2nd February – An epic murmuration.

Chocolate Dipper1st February – Dipper pair are active at their traditional nest site.

31 Jan Dipper31st January  – Delightful dipper

Dipper Yoga30th January – Preening Dipper

29Jan Dipper29th January – Dipper Debris

28Jan Birdwatch28th January – Big Garden Birdwatch

27Jan Wonderland27th January – Winter Wonderland

26Jan Dipper26th January – Dipper delight on my local patch

WallscourtC25th January – Creating two wildflower meadows with Bristol school children

24th January crocus24th January – Crocus emerging from its autumnal cloak

23Jan Snowdrop23rd January – Drops of snow in Bristol

WP_20180122_16_23_40_Pro22nd January – Winter gold

WP_20180121_15_22_58_Pro21st January  – Winter colours

WP_20180120_15_30_23_Pro20th January – A rain inspired day with photography group

Straling Watchers19th January – Starling watchers

18Jan Starling18th January – Single starling

Day 17 Aconite17th January – Fly enjoying today’s winter sunshine and aconites

Day16 Snowdrops16th January – First Snowdrops (Bristol)

15th Jan Goldfinch15th January – Goldfinch on feeder

CRocud 14th Jan14th January – First crocus

Egret13th January – Local patch little egret

Murm Day1212th January – A million strong – just a small part of tonight’s starling murmuration

HEron11b11th January – Nightlife in Central London

10th January – Wonder below, winter underwater

Day9 Foldfinch9th January – Garden goldfinch – feeding on dead heads of verbena

Celandine8th January – First celandine flowers open on the riverbank

Bird Ice7th January – Cat-Ice or Bird-Ice

Day6 Blackcap6th January – Female blackcap (she has a brown cap)

Juggling fisher5th January – Juggling King (Fishing at Walthamstow Wetlands)

Day4 Starlings4th January – Starling Wonder (Half a million birds)

Day3 Raven3rd January – Raven school  (on the tower of Bristol Grammar School)

Day2 Fungus2nd January –  Candlesnuff fungus

Day1 oonlit Murmuration1st January – Moonlit Murmuration


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