Wonder At Heart

Discovery and learning through Wildlife Wonder exploration



Take a journey along ‘Darwin’s Path’ or discover the limitless palette of natural colours- Murmuration of Wonder will involve school children exploring the seasonal nature on their doorstep through observation, photography and words. Working scientifically, creatively and through descriptive language, pupils will develop galleries of art, a deeper understanding of nature, species or habitats and plenty of Wildlife Wonder photography. Staying locally to school is the only restriction!

Linked to curriculum programmes of study, exploration will be tailored to suit school grounds, class topics and the questions children have. Through the year we will build a gallery of images and words to describe the colours, sounds, sensations and science of nature. And pupils will build a wild legacy too – planting wildflowers, nest boxes or simply caring for nature.

Launched in September 2018, the Murmuration of Wonder project involves thousands of pupils from schools across the UK, and will culminate in local exhibitions, plus ‘murmurations’ to share their study with each other and the wider community. If your school would like to be involved, please do email me


Azure, blue, cobalt, denim or maybe ocean with a pale-blue waterfall running down its back.

A murmuration is a seasonal aerial display by thousands of starlings – the art, drama, science and soundscape of the spectacle make it one of the UK’s greatest natural wonders. Gathering at the end of day, in towns, villages and cities, for safety and prior to sleep, the starlings also exchange information about the day’s experiences. Inspired by the starling murmurations, we will host local end of project Murmurations of Wonder, where children display their wildlife wonder and share experiences and understanding of nature. In summer 2019 we held Murmurations in Hampshire, Bristol and Dorset. With future events planned for Gloucestershire & London.


Previous Wildlife Wonder ‘Murmurations’

Wild at Herts, the first Wildlife Wonder Eco Summit, was held at Hatfield House in 2015  involving children from a dozen Hertfordshire schools and their studies of kingfishers, badgers, snowdrops & more. Wildlife Wonder Bristol also began in 2015 with exhibitions of the work by schools at venues across the city.

The Wildlife Wonder Gloucestershire Exhibition opened at Museum in the Park in late September 2016, attracting hundreds of visitors and amazing feedback. Pupils from the schools also joined together at a special exhibition preview and Eco-Summit – to share their experiences, images, learning and hopes for the future.

“Eye-opening photos”      “So perceptive and stunning”      “A beautiful celebration of our local wildlife – children’s creativity flowing through”.













All wildlife photos by primary school children