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Wildlife Wonder showcases some the UK’s spectacular wildlife – through the eyes of local children.  TV may take us to the Amazon, but young people are  our guides to the wildlife wonders in their county – delivering firsthand experiences, a public exhibition of their studies and unique school eco-summits.

Thousands of children from 25 primary schools across Gloucestershire have been busy exploring, photographing and studying the Wildlife Wonder on their doorstep over the past year. Taking a wildlife safari in school grounds or beyond the gates to a local wildlife hotspot, children have studied spectacular snowdrop displays, experienced the awe and seasonal wonder of trees and discovered rhino beetles, once extinct butterflies, rare water voles and even adders!

The children’s photography, research and writing has produced a unique and revealing portrait of their local wildlife wonder. As well as stunning photography, the children have thoroughly engaged with the nature on their doorstep and become conservation champions.

The Wildlife Wonder Gloucestershire Exhibition and Eco Summit opened at Museum in the Park in late September, attracting hundreds of visitors and amazing feedback. Pupils from the schools also joined together at a special exhibition preview and Eco-Summit – to share their experiences, images, learning and hopes for the future.


“Eye-opening photos”       “This is the best exhibition”       “So perceptive and stunning”      “A beautiful celebration of our local wildlife – children’s creativity flowing through”

The first Wildlife Wonder Eco Summit, ‘Wild at Herts’, was held at Hatfield House in 2015  involving children from a dozen Hertfordshire schools and their studies of kingfishers, badgers, snowdrops & more. Wild Wonder Bristol also began in 2015 with exhibitions of the work by schools at venues across the city

A huge thank you to all the participating schools (pupils, teachers & parents) for your inspired exploration,  to all the wildlife organisations and experts for help and advice and to UnLtd, Museum in the Park, Gloucestershire Naturalists Society & Stroud Festival for supporting various areas of this project.  For more information please do email me


WWG Vole

WWG FRozen

Green Hairstreak 2x1

WWG Snowdrops 2

WWG Leaf

WWG Rhino


All wildlife photos by primary school children