What Beetle?

What Beetle or Bug Is It?

Here are a few of the beetles and bugs you might discover in your school grounds, streets, gardens or parks. Like other insects, beetles and bugs have 6 legs. Have a look and see if you discover what beetle or bug you have seen. NB This page is currently being updated

7 Spot Ladybird

Seven Spot Ladybird – Learn more about the Ladybird lifecycle here

Lesser Stag Beetle

Lesser Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle

Greater Stag Beetle

Cardinal STEM  Cardinal Beetle Side

Cardinal Beetle

BT Soldier Beetle July2014

Black-Tipped Soldier Beetle

Pollen  TL Beetle

Thick Legged Flower Beetle


Longhorn Beetle

Rose Chafer  Rose Chafer

Rose Chafer


Maybug or Cockchafer

Sexton Beetle ID

Sexton Beetle



Dock Bug – Found on the leaves of dock plants. (Ladybird alongside shows size)

Froghopper  Cuckoo Spit

Froghopper – Its larvae create the froth (often called cuckoo spit) that you might find on plants.