What Butterfly

WHAT Butterfly IS IT?

There are almost 60 different species of butterfly in the UK. Some look very similar and others ae very difficult to see. Here is a photo ID guide to the most common species you may spot in your school, park or garden.

If you see a butterfly, take a photo, draw or note down the colours to see if it matches any of these. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Painted Lady Side  Painted Lady  Painted Lady

Painted Lady

REd Admiral Side  Red Admiral Side  Red Admiral July2017

Red Admiral

Small Tort 2 Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell

Comma  Comma side

Comma (when its wings are closed you can see the comma-shaped mark that gives it its name)

Peacock1  Peacock2  Peacock Caterpillars


Orange Tip  Orange Tip  Orange Tip3

Orange Tip  (sometimes the orange colour on the wing tip isn’t easy to see)

Large White  White  White Butterfly

Large or Small White

Brimstone  Brimstone2


 Marbled White  Marbled White  Marbled White3

Marbled White

Speckled wood  Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood

Meadow Brown 1 Meadow Brown Side

Meadow Brown  

Ringlet side  Ringlet


Gatekeeper side  Gatekeeper  Gatekeeper


Common Blue  Holly Blue  Holly Blue

Common & Holly Blue

Small Copper Small Copper2

Small Copper

Skipper  Skipper2 Skipper ID