What Day-Flying Moth

What Day-Flying Moth Is It?

We tend to think that moths fly at night, and most of the 2500 species of moths do! However, quite a few are active in they day and they are often very colourful and easily confused with butterflies. Here is photo guide to some of the more commonly spotted day-flying moths.

Burnet Moth Caterillar     Burnet Coccon     Burnet Coccon2     Burnet Coccoon3

Look carefully and you might also discover a caterpillar, like this burnet moth, making its cocoon high up on a grass stem.

6 spot emerging  Six Spot Burnet2  6 Spot Burnet 7

Six-spot burnet moth – Caterpillars feed on the birds foot trefoil plant

Cinnabar  Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar

Cinnabar moth – Stripy caterpillar feeds on ragwort flower.


Scarlet tiger moth

MInt Moth

Mint moth

Hummingbird Kawk moth  Hummingbird  Humminbird HawkMoth

Humming-bird hawk-moth