When It’s Raining

Where do they go when it’s raining?

When its raining in summer, where do all the animals go?  Maybe, because its raining you’ve never looked.  The animals you normally see don’t suddenly vanish, but they might be a little less obvious – hidden somewhere. 

Snail 3

And some may be much easier to spot and watch!

KIng Rain

In short spells of summer rain, birds will find a sheltered branch or bush to rest and keep warm, but if it rains for too long they must risk getting wet to continue feeding. Thankfully bird feathers have some water resistance – they keep them like this by rubbing oil from a special gland onto the feathers with their beak. Ducks and other water birds, like this kingfisher, have even better water-proofing on their feathers and the rain doesn’t soak in.

Damsel Wet Greenwich

Some insects can sense if bad weather is coming and ‘stay at home’ – honeybees will remain in the hive if rain is due.  Ground living insects already have the cover of stones or logs and some insects will seek shelter on buildings or trees.  But if away from buildings, butterflies, damselflies, bees and flies just have to sit it out. Hunker down on flower, a grass stem or under a leaf and wait for the rain to stop. Flying in heavy rain could really damage an insects delicate wings. And can you imagine how much extra weight the rain drops would add?

Butter rain      Ladybird Rain      Marbled Rain

When it’s raining, go outside and see what nature you can find. Move slowly and carefully. Look in the grass or on flowers, up in the trees and underneath leaves.

Damsel Rain

Respect nature and take care as you explore. Don’t disturb any creatures – the rain may already be making their life more challenging. And if you are careful, you should be able to watch them for longer as they won’t fly away.